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Working Test 2024 at Wortley -Results

The GSPA held its working test on Sunday 23rd June 2024 at Wortley near Sheffield by kind permission of Michael Stuart & Alex True .

The weather was dry, warm with cloud at times but when the sun was out it was hot – thankfully always a breeze at Wortley .


Judge Tracey Hayes

1. Miadsc Tropical Sunshine HWV – R Summerfield
2. Lagopusmoor Apollo GSP – G Wilson
3. Pinseeker Lady Luck At Peakforest GSP – E Kania
4. Aschfahl Kepa Secret Weim – C Carpenter
CoM. Orchidstar Silver Lightnin GSP – Z Sieleski


Judges – Hunting F Fillingham, Land Retrieves J Herbert, Water P Pearson

1. Gilleyfield Cosmos of Valkaiser GWP – J King
2. Watereatons Jupiter KG – G Wilson
3. Goosepoint Gsa Gabor GSP – E Hinchcliff
4. ClanNaGael Henry GSP – M Pocock
CoM . Sperant Carnrlian GSP – L Overton


Judges – Hunting / Land Retrieves M Nixon, Water P Pearson

1. Woodend Flyer at Calondraig HWV – I McClellan
2. Sigourney Maverick GSP – D Bowns
3. Vizash Cristanto Del Acquadoro HV – S Northwood
4. Ekkolander Dark Shadow LM – I O’Brien
CoM Quilesta Octavia LM – C Middleton

Huge thanks to the judges , dummy throwers , stewards who worked tirelessly all day they were super stars .

Congratulations to those in the awards and well done all competing .

Hope to see you all next year