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GSPA Open Show 1st October 2016

Overseal Village Hall

The GSPA would like to apologise again for the late change of date for our open show but hope that all who attended enjoyed their day. We would like to thank our two judges, Lindsey Townsend and Kevin Delaney, and thanks also to those who helped on the day.

BIS went to the winner of Limit Dog, Barleyarch Ariat JW ShCM

BOS went to the winner of Limit Bitch, Keigame Hustle

RBIS went to the winner of Open Dog, ShCh Isara Kurzhaar Weiser JW ShCM

BPIS went to the winner of Puppy Bitch Bryburn Artemis of Vinita

RBPIS went to the winner of Puppy Dog Orchidstar Wotsit

Best Veteran went to the dog ShCh Barleyarch Alvar JW ShCM

Open Show Results – Judged by  Mrs Lindsey Townsend

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Woolley’s Fayemm Get Ready for Dunsa

Puppy Dog

1st Sielski’s Orchidstar Wotsit

2nd Rusk’s Quindrew Baron Brimstone at Booton

Junior Dog

1st Fuller & McCarthy’s Seasham Flash Gordon

Novice Dog

1st Roger’s Disglairhill Red Kite

2nd Q. Baron Brimstone at Booton

Post Graduat

1st Roden’s Keigame Nasrullah

2nd Burford’s Kavacanne Morgan You Know

Limit Dog

1st Adam’s Barleyarch Ariat JW ShCM

2nd Tudor’s My Little Old Man at Brocador

3rd Fairbrother’s Madcap Purple Finch

4th Cure’s Hillanhi Snowstorm

Open Dog

1st Flaherty & Reddyhough’s

ShChIsaras Kurzhaar Weiser JW


2nd Rusk’s Maranns Lanson at Booton

Veteran Dog

1st Adam’s ShCh Barleyarch Alvar JW


Field Trial Dog

1st Dymond’s NL Ch/Lux Ch Friarsbelle

Marsh Mellow

Minor Puppy bitch

1st Beverley’s Bryburn Artemis

2nd Harris’s Barleyarch Playtime (AI)

Puppy Bitch

1st B Playtime (AI)

2nd Rose & Gaffney’s Kavacanne Vixen

Junior Bitch

1st Burford’s Pingarypoint Eye Candy

2nd K Vixen

Novice Bitch

1 B Artemis of Vinita

2nd Thomas & Taylor’s Knabbynus Aurora Borealis

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Sielski’s Orchidstar Xtra Olive JW

2nd Prior’s Jolicoem Jevington of Whinchat

3rd Thomas & Taylor’s Knabynnus Springtym Willow

4th Brown’s Marimay All That Jazz

Limit Bitch

1st Tierney’s Keigame Hustle

2nd Roden’s  High High Jingle Bells at Keigame (imp MLT)

3rd Burford’s Pingarypoint Hot Topic

4th Fuller’s Seasham Marie Marie

Open Bitch

1st Whitehouse Kazanpaul Crème De La Crème

2nd Coe & Pitman’s Int ShCh/Lux/NL/Dt Ch Pitwit Leeona

Veteran Bitch

2 entries both absent

Field Trial  Bitch

No entries

The ‘Midlander’  Stakes Classes – Judged by Kevin Delaney

Junior – Dog or Bitch

1st Sielski’s Orchidstar Wotsit (D)

2nd Rose & Gaffney’s Kavacanne Vixen(B)

3rd Burford’s Pingarypoint Eye Candy (B)

4th Beverley’s Bryburn Artemis at Vinita(B)

Open – Dog or Bitch 

1st Tierney’s Keigame Hustle(B)

2nd Adam’s Barleyarch Ariat JW ShCM (D)

3rd Whitehouse Kazanpaul Crème De La Crème (B)

4th Roden’s,Thomas & Taylor’s Knabynnus Aurora Borealis (B)

5th Fairbrother’s Madcap Purple Finch (D)