Novice Field Trial 07/12/2019 Myerscough College

Judges Mrs Maureen Nixon and Mr Paul Nixon

1st – Winterwell Inca Gold to Evagrove owned by Libby Mellor (GSP)

3rd – Ch Enryb Singles Party JW owned by Mrs J Jean Byrne (Weim)

4th – Stubblemere Fulmar owned by Mr P Pearson (GSP)

COM – Diggmere New Star owned by Mrs J Jean Baldwin (It Spin)

Novice Field Trial 02/12/2019 – Long Eaton

Judges Mr J Field & Mr R Mann.

3rd Warrendown Megs Angel – Emma Carter GSP

4th Withamfriary Fenn – Gill Pillinger Bracco

Novice FT 21st October 2019 – Radbourne Shoot

Judges F. Alcock (2166) J. Reavil

1st Paul Nixon – Quintana Cloud Berry GSP

2nd Rory Major – Bruno Von Schwarterberg GWP

4th Jean Byrne – Enryb Singles Party JW Weimaraner

COM  Witham Friary Fen Bracco Italiano Gill Pillinger

Guns Award Phil Parker – Indijazz Beautiful GSP

All Aged Trial –  Wednesday 16th October 2019  at Little Pixel, Kent

Judges Gill Pillinger Costa Wilkinson

COM Andrea Wyatt –  Ismeya Saint Isaac HV dog Guns award Emma Carter GSP  b Warrendown Megs Angel

Open Field Trial on Friday 30th August 2019 at the Glenshero Estate (Scotland) 

Judges R. Cullen & Bill Muircroft

1st/2nd. no awards. 


4th No award. 

Certificate of Merit. TRUDVANG MERCURY.  GWP Mr. S.HERRERO