GSPA Championship Show 18th April 2022
The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh

Judge: Jim Rusk

Minor Puppy Dog (0)

Puppy Dog (3, 2a)

1st Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle BPD, BPIS

Junior Dog (5, 1a)

1st Valger Snow Patrol at Imaniz

2nd Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle

3rd Sparkenhoe Kith and Kin

Res Montalba Mister Tea Time

Yearling Dog (4, 1a)

1st Orchidstar Bolts of Speed

2nd Ceilloch Russian

3rd Montalba Mister Tea Time

Post Graduate Dog (3)

1st Ceilloch The Show Must Go On

2nd Parsonview Showboating at Redmires

3rd  Montalba Mister Tea Time

Limit Dog (7, 2a)

1st Seasham The Groover

2nd Indijazz Designer Genes

3rd Barleyarch Hoopla at Forestpoint

Res Whistlecraft Gandalph

VHC Ceilloch The Show Must Go On

Open Dog (10)

1st SH CH Grenetrest Canterbury Bell JW DCC, BIS

2nd SH CH Barleyarch Pringle JW

3rd Winterwell Maida Stone

Res Elfrindew Endrick to Valger

VHC Jhebron’s Jeno Via Elfrindew

Veteran Dog (1)

1st SH CH Barleyarch Ariat JW RDCC, BVIS

Special Veteran Dog (0)

Field Trial Dog (2)

1st CH Goosepoint Gloster Grebe (AI) JW

2nd Goosepoint Waddington at Abbanash (AI) JW


Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1st Minnie from the Start

Puppy Bitch (10)

1st Cushatlaw Athena BPB, RBPIS

2nd Yockletts Hambledon

3rd Fayemm Treacle Tart with Winterwell (AI)

Res Quintana Lunar Eclipse

VHC Quintana Qing Ping

Junior Bitch (9, 3a)

1st Cushatlaw Athena

2nd Kacela Sweet Hadiya

3rd Navigareamor Spring Tide

Res Balvenie Eye Candy

VHC Zakova Aurora

Yearling Bitch (7, 2a)

1st Winterwell Thatlldo for Desjiem JW

2nd Soellis Fancy Nancy

3rd Graygees Tsarine

Res Redic Sacremento

Postgraduate Bitch (10, 3a)

1st Jomeel Now I’m Here

2nd Missdiss Warm as Chocolate

3rd Taftazini Jenu Wynn

Res Keigame Quintessence at Benrae

VHC Solwaypoint Louisiana

Limit Bitch (14, 3a)

1st Barleyarch Pakora

2nd Goosepoint Gambler

3rd Dappledele First Date at Bryburn

Res Archerpoint See The Stars at Redmires

VHC Cushatlaw Serendipity JW

Open Bitch (15, 1a)

1st Elfrindew Lacey to Valger JW RBCC

2nd SH CH Kacela Sweet Ayana

3rd SH CH Ladyhawke Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Res Orchidstar Jenga

VHC Jacofraze Desire from Keigame

Veteran Bitch (3, 1a)

1st SH CH Cushatlaw Illustrious JW

2nd Jolicoem Jevington of Whinchat

Special Veteran Bitch (4, 2a)

1st Goosepoint Beluga

2nd Quintana Hollie Berry

Field Trial Bitch (3)

1st CH Yockletts Cordiale JW BCC, RBIS, BFT, BOS

2nd Quintana Qin Qiao

3rd Quintana Cloud Berry

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (3, 2a)

1st Quintana Qing Ping



David Layton Memorial Awards

Judge: Louis Lisle


1st Quintana Diamond Dust at Friarsbelle

2nd Yockletts Hambledon

3rd Cushatlaw Athena

Res Navigareamor Spring Tide

VHC Montalba Mister Teatime


1st SH CH Barleyarch Pringle JW

2nd Elfrindew Endrick to Valger

3rd Goosepoint Gambler

Res Soellis Fancy Nancy

VHC Keigame Quintessence at Benrae

Special Working

1st SH CH Barleyarch Dorito at Tequesta JW

2nd CH Goosepoint Gloster Grebe (AI) JW

3rd Quintana Cloud Berry

Res Quintana Qin Qiao

VHC Indijazz Designer Genes