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Alston Grouse Pointing Test 30/07/2017

The Awards from Alston Grouse Pointing test held on the 30th July 2017 are as follows;

Judges: Irmgard Alcock and Ray Fairbrother

Very Good:

M Canham – Stubblemere Ember GSP bitch

Very Good:

G Saint – Merle Haggard GWP dog

Very Good:

D Bowns – Swifthouse Brocket GSP dog

Very Good :

J Cottrell – Tournesol Indulgence Brit dog


P Nixon – Quintana Cloud Berry GSP bitch


Hall – Jhebrons Haven GSP bitch


F Fillingham – Stubblemere Guthrie GSP bitch


S Crane – Madcap Mockingbird GSP dog


M Milton – Stubblemere Huntly GSP dog

Grouse Pointing Test Results 2016

The Awards from Alston Grouse Pointing test held on the 31st July 2016 are as follows;

The Judges were;   Ms  P Pickstone  and   Dr J Hay



Stubblemere Ember GSP bitch    Handled by M Canham

Very Good

Duncansby Dieta     GSP bitch                     S Sargent

Tickencote A Night Like This  GWP   bitch     P Howard

There were no awards given for the Adults.

Many thanks to Mr and Mrs Fry, our hosts for allowing us the use of this wonderful moor

again, also our Sponsors Skinners,  Game Keeper Chris Wright  and all present for making it such an enjoyable day.

Lastly and importantly to Louise Holmes for stewarding so well.

Once again thanks to everyone concerned, also him above for the nice weather.

Ray F