Championship Show – Monday 22 April 2019

Judge Des Flaherty

BIS – Pitwit Winter Glow JW

DCC – Graygees Gigolo JW

RDCC – Grenetrest Canterbury Bell JW

BCC – Pitwit Winter Glow JW

RBCC – Kacela Sweet Ayana

BP –  Goosepoint Waddington at Abbanash(AI)

BV – Balvenie Midnight Rambler ShCM

Best FT – CH Goosepoint Gloster Grebe (AI) JW


The German Shorthaired Pointer Club Championship Show Judges Critique.

Des Flaherty.

I would like to thank the GSPA Show Committee for giving me the opportunity to judge such a prestigious show. I consider this such an honour and privilege.

My very capable stewards Colin and Sue kept the day running smoothly and for this I was very grateful.

In my opinion the breed now is lacking correct movement with reach and drive becoming a thing of the past. The present “Pitter-Patter, Short Stepping” movement shown by several dogs is becoming acceptable which according to the breed standard is not correct! Judges beware promoting incorrect movement will not do the breed any favours going forward.


  1. Hunt’s Pingarypoint Top Secret at Kavacanne.

Although still a youngster this dog shows promise with a clean-cut head having the correct eye shape and ear placement. Good bone and condition. His movement was effortless with reach, drive, power and attitude.

  1. Rusk’s Booton Bradley.

Similar attributes to 1. Correct head, kind expression, good bone and correct coat. Just not showing to his best today.

  1. Sielski’s Orchidstar Willy Nilly.


  1. Coe’s Goosepoint Waddington At Abbanash AI.

Good head, neck and shoulders. Presented in good condition with good muscle definition and this was evident on the move with reach and drive. Won over 2 on maturity.

  1. Hunt’s Pingarypoint Top Secret at Kavacanne.
  2. Rusk’s Booton Bradley.


  1. Milton & Lewis’s Molkara Air Gunner.

A dog presented in great condition. Correct head with a kind expression. Strong neck leading into well placed shoulders. Short back, strong loin and power in the rear assembly used on the move.

  1. Leeman’s Arbourtrees Dogwood.

A finer dog than one, with a nice kind expression and level topline. Moved OK.

  1. Round’s Fleetapple Fabian.


1.Brain’s Grenetrest Canterbury Bell. JW. R.C.C.

A strong looking dog with the correct height to length ration. Does not need to grow anymore. Good depth of chest and powerful hind quarters. Moved well.

  1. Stopforth’s Taftazini Cesar Chance with Serenymor. JW.

A slightly smaller dog than one. Shown in very good condition with correct front and rear assembly. Just lacked the reach and drive of one today.

  1. Stedman’s Indijazz Designer Genes.


  1. Brown’s Graygees Gigolo. JW. C.C.

A fine picture of the breed. Short strong back, standing over plenty. Nice head and kind expression. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulders. Moved with reach and drive. D.C.C.

  1. McPherson’s Whistlecraft Gandalf.

Longer than one. Good coat and level topline. Moved well.


  1. Cook & Lamb’s Brooke Will Do It Through Milcook.

A powerful looking dog fit for purpose. Good front and level topline. Good harsh coat. Moved with reach, drive and a positive attitude showed well.

  1. Knowles, Knowles & Glen’s Wilholme Had A Lovely Time with Bessalone.

A similar overall outline to one. Correct head and kind expression. Just lacked ring presence of one.

  1. Wilkinson’s Zarozinia Beinn An Oir. ShCM.


  1. Staley’s Jomeel Monkey Wrench.

Correct head, neck and shoulders. He has a short back but stands over plenty of ground. Moved correctly in the class but was not the same dog in the challenge.

  1. Gatliffe’s Allezweck Shamrock.

A dog I have admired in the past and did not disappoint today. Good head, shoulders and front. Kind gentle expression moved well.

  1. Hinchliff’s CH Goosepoint Gloster Grebe. AI. JW.


  1. Parr’s Pruso Blue My Cover.

A noble head with correct eye and ear set. Strong topline and rear quarters. Good bone and nice feet moved with reach and drive.

  1. Thompson’s Redmires High Society.

Another good head. Strong neck and well laid shoulders. Correct topline with strong quarters, moved well.

  1. Rusk’s Marann, s Lanson At Booton.


  1. Smillie-Gray’s SH CH Oakberrow Wotzinaname ShCM. Old but correct. Reach and drive on the move, good noble head with a kind expression. I was once told by one of the great founders of the breed in the UK. “if it moves correctly, it is made correctly”. This applied with this boy.
  2. Braine’s Kenine March To Victory. Just lacked the reach and drive of one today. Good depth of chest and shorter coupled still shown with good balance in outline.


  1. Hinchliff’s CH Goosepoint Gloster Grebe. AI. JW.

A nice dog in profile showing power in the front and rear. Level topline held on the move.

  1. Deepthatch Rocket.

Nice head and expression good bone and shown in good condition lacked the presence of one today.


  1. Whiting’s Ranger Two Rodale. JW. ShCM.

Short backed standing over plenty of ground. Good condition and well-muscled which he used on the move which gave him the advantage in the class.

  1. Rusk’s Marann, s Lanson At Booton.

Good head with the kindest expression. Level topline and good tail set all held well on the move. Just lacked the enthusiasm of one.

  1. Coe’s Goosepoint Waddington At Abbanash. AI.


  1. Sielski’s Orchidstar Okey Dokey.

Winner of my class of the day any of my first three could change place going forward.

The more experienced of the class in my opinion showed very well.  Good neck and shoulders, level topline, strong rear quarters used well on the move.

  1. Rose’s Kavacanne At Karwendel.

Very nice head and kind expression strong neck leading good lay of shoulders good feet. Moved well. Just lacking the show presence of one today.

  1. Whittaker’s Pingarypoint Top Class.


  1. Taylor & Taylor-Morris’s Drysika Cha at Pelenrise.

A mature bitch for her age. Good neck and front assembly. Strong rear quarters and a good coat.

  1. Ashcroft’s Hillanhi Dreaming of Gold Fur Eschenof.

A different type to one. Not as mature. Good reach of neck level topline. Good head carriage on the move.

  1. Campbell’s Rhosynglas At Rhobell Fawr.


  1. Galloway & Anderson’s Torranpoint Gilda From Alayglow.

Lovely type with a nice head and kind eyes. Good reach of neck well laid shoulders. Strong rear quarters moved with reach and drive.

  1. Tudor’s Torranpoint Tenille.

Litter sister to one so the same applies. Winner won on movement today.

  1. Taylor & Taylor-Morris’s Drysika Cha at Pelenrise.


  1. Gatliffe’s Allezweck Evita. A lovely bitch who needs to be judged to be appreciated. Typical head. Good reach of neck correct shoulders. Shown in good condition moved with reach and drive.
  2. Rittscher’s Zakova Amrone. A similar bitch to one, with the same qualities. The reach and drive of one won the class on the day. This bitch will in my opinion improve with age.


  1. Pearson’s Ladyhawke Dizzy Miss Lizzy.

Another quality bitch. She is shown with good muscle condition and does not disappoint when you get hands on. Nicely fits the breed standard and moves as required.

  1. Burford’s Pingarypoint Legolicious. JW.

Nice bitch with a good reach of neck, short coupled, correct topline held on the move.

  1. Pitman & Heydt’s Pitwit Festive Time at Westard.


  1. Rumney’s Kacela Sweet Ayana. R.C.C.

In outline a typical GSP. The best of heads and nice lay of shoulders. Good bone and tight feet. Strong over the loin and quarters moved well with purpose.

  1. Rutherford’s Cushatlaw Charisma of Dappledele.

Similar to one and it was difficult to split them. Both bitches fit the breed standard very well and all the above applies. Just piped on movement today.

  1. Peebles’s Keigame Belle of All.


  1. Pudney’s Pitwit Winter Glow. JW. C.C.

A bitch I have admired since she was a pup. Very nice head and expression good neck and shoulders. Strong level topline. Good rear angulation which showed when moving with the desired efficiency. I was pleased to award her the third CC today to give her a well-deserved title.

  1. Cox’s SH CH Cushatlaw Irresistible. JW. ShCM.

Another nice bitch with a pleasing head and kind expression. Typical GSP outline just preferred the movement of one.

  1. Burford’s Pingarypoint Hot Topic.


  1. Schoneville’s Balvenie Midnight Rambler.

Won the class on movement her effortless front and rear movement, with the correct angles in both profile and the away and back. Age is just a number for this girl, I think.

  1. Nixon’s Quintana Quixotic.

Finer in bone than one but still a typical GSP fitting the breed standard well.

  1. Coe & Pitman’s INT SH CH/LUX/NL/DT CH (VDH)/IR SHCH Pitwit Leeona.


  1. Sielski’s Eairycor Kara.

Nice neck and shoulders, with a level topline held on the move.

  1. Pitman’s Pitwit Playing Games. JW.

Such a pleasing bitch still having the kind and gentle look in her eye. As with all GSPs the willingness to please was still evident today. Just lost out on movement.


  1. Nixon’s Quintana Qin Qiao.

Good head with a kind alert expression strong neck and topline moved with purpose.

  1. Nixon’s Quintana Quixotic.

As above with good outline and a typical GSP from this breeder. Just preferred the movement of one.

  1. Hustler’s FT CH Aytee Isadora.


  1. Beverley’s Bryburn Artemis Of Vinita. JW.

A good strong headed bitch which is sometimes lacking. Good neck and shoulders, powerful rear quarters used well on the move.

  1. Coe & Pitman’s INT SH CH/LUX/NL/DT CH (VDH)/IR SHCH Pitwit Leeona.

A pleasing bitch in profile with good angles front and rear just lacked the co-ordination of one on the move today.

  1. Hayne’s Graygees Skyhawk In Rebeldye.










The David Layton Memorial Award judge

Judge Robert Steele

Deep-felt thanks to the GSPA for inviting me to judge the David Layton Memorial Awards. Thanks also to my excellent steward Bill Ashcroft and to Jim Rusk who looked after us from arrival to departure.

My reward was to judge a lovely entry of 37 dogs. The quality of all these dogs was a joy to go over and many could, on any other day, have been in the cards.

Only one observation was that a small number of dogs had Plaque on their teeth. Please look after your dog’s teeth and save having problems with teeth and gums in their dotage!

Special Award Junior Dog/Bitch (13, 3).

  1.  Sielski’s Orchidstar Okey Dokey B. This 8 month old Bitch caught my eye as she entered the ring and I was not disappointed when she came forward for closer inspection. A lovely outline and still developing, correct feminine head, good length of neck into a nice top line and well set tail. Stood lovely with correct pasterns and good rear angulation, 1st & 2nd thigh will improve with age. To match this good construction movement was a joy to watch. My overall winner.
  2. Taylor & Taylor-Morris’s Drysika Cha Cha at Pelenrise B. Not far behind No.1, a little older than 1 and more developed. With a super head, clean neck and an excellent top line. A little straighter in pasterns, stood over plenty of ground with very nice rear angulation. Resulting again with sound movement around the ring.
  3. Elrington’s Barleyarch Dorito B.


Special Award Open Dog/Bitch (17, 5).

  1.  Gatliffe’s Allezweck Evita B. Liver and white bitch, not only stood out in colouration but on the move as well. Very nice feminine head with a kind expression, lovely neck into first class top line. Excellent feet, stood over plenty of ground. But it was the movement that did it for me, best of the day. If the dog is put together right, it will show in the movement as it does with this bitch.
  2. Thomson’s Redmires High Society D. Tough act to follow after 1. But this 8 year old fella showed he has still got what it takes. Looking back at my notes this was the only Dog placed in the top 3. Good Male head, lovely neck into well laid neck, very nice top line, tail set a smidgen low but nothing to detract from an excellent specimen. It was a treat to see him glide around the ring at one with his handler.
  3. Schoneville’s Balvenie Midnight Rambler Sh Cm B.

Special Award Working Dog/Bitch (10, 2).

  1. Hustler’s Aytee Katerina B. Very elegant feminine Head, a little long in neck, excellent coat, good top line.  A little straight in pasterns, but very good rear angulation, standing over plenty of ground. Well-muscled, and moved a treat around the ring.
  2. Nixon’s Quintana Qin Qiao B. A lovely Feminine head, with a kind expression, graceful neck into a very good top line. Stood very well with very good rear angulation and moved very well as one with her handler.
  3. Brown’s Graygees Gigolo JW B.