GSPA Championship Show – Monday 2nd April 2018

It was an honour to be asked to judge the GSPA Championship Show. Thank you to my two stewards Colin Woodward and Sue Robson. You did an excellent job. I thank all the exhibitors for bringing 134 dogs for my opinion. There were some very good dogs who went cardless, I didn’t have enough places. On another day places could change. It was like judging classes of yesterday.


Limit and Open were tremendous classes in dogs and bitches, so full of quality. Heads were all good, on the minus side some movement left something to be desired. Surprised to see so many dew claws left on. But there were lots of youngsters coming along very nicely.




Judge – Mrs V Rusk

Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog (5, 1 A)

1st Browns’Graygees Gigolo

Promising baby, excellent coat, well balanced and went well

2nd Braines’ Grenetrest Canterbury Bell

Soft coat and a little long at the moment.

3rd Adams’Graygees Slap’n’ Tickle

Res Stedmans’ Indijazz Designer Genes


Class 2 Puppy Dog (4, 1 A) BPD, BPIS

1st Stopforths’ Taftazini Cesar Chance

A lovely young lad, well grown, moved well, should do well, great coat and head.

2nd Sielskis’Orchidstar Bonds of Speed

Coat not too good but went well

3rd Pillingers’Withamfriary Sudley


Class 3 Junior Dog (7)

1st Hinchliffs’ Goosepoint Gloster Grebe (AI)(JW)

Very promising dog. Has all the right properties, will do very well, just needs time. Top quality, liked him a lot.

2nd Hooper & Brooks’ Kentsteen Diemel of Lollitank

In excellent condition, went well.

3rd Drews’ Archerpoint I Want It All

Res Knowles & Glens’Wilholme Had A Lovely Time With Bessalone

VHC Stopforths’ Taftazini Cesar Chance

Good class – all good dogs


Class 4 Yearling Dog (6)

1st Cox’ Ceilloch Merlot By Cushatlaw

This one is improving with age, good head and feet, well balanced, another one who needs time.

2nd McPhersons’ Whistlecraft Gandalph

Inexperienced handler didn’t get the best out of him, but it’s all there just needs bringing out. Liked him.

3rd Steels’ Water Germander Over Borderpoint

Res Barretts’ Aytee Kalimar

VHC Wrights’ Goosepoint Spitfire Over Steelrigg (AI)


Class 5 Post Graduate Dog (9)

1st Pitmans’ Pitwit Noble Opal

Another very good young lad. Excellent  make and shape, good size, good in all respects.

2nd Cook & Lambs’ Brooke Will Do It Through Milcook

Larger dog than 1st

3rd Thomas’s Brainscroft Tahiti

Res Barretts’ Aytee Kalimor

VHC Woolleys’ Fayemm Get Ready For Dunsa


Class 6 Limit Dog (7)

First three all very good in an excellent class

1st Hamlins’ Know No Bounds at Nuash

Good head, deep chest, strong quarters, excellent coat in hard condition.

2nd Sielski’s Orchidstar Wotsit JW

He’s in nice proportions but would like more of him.

3rd Johns’ Keigame Jigsaw

Res Jackmans’ Navigareamor Hardtoport

VHC Milligans’ Jessophia’s Oberyn Martell


Class 7 Open Dog (11, 2 A)

1st Jedrzejczyk’s CHPL ARES Z Wlodzimierzowa (ATC AU02960POL) DCC, BIS

He came all the way from Poland, one of the best solid livers I’ve seen in a long time. Starting from his lovely head with all the correct proportions. Beautiful dark kind eye, strong neck, super body with strength in his quarters. Good bone and feet. He is everything I look for in a GSP. Delighted to have given him his first CC in England. A dog I would love to own.

2nd Smith & Reardons’ SH CH Winterwell Fowl Play RDCC

Strong masculine dog. Coat really good, well balanced, moved well, pulled out all the stops for Res CC

3rd Flaherty & Reddyhoughs’  SH CH Isara Kurzhaar Wieser JW ShCM

Res Cook & Hammonds’ Seasham Super Trouper JW

VHC Browns’ Pitwit Biddable Sapphire

Three top class dogs. Not enough cards to go round and some dogs I like very much had to go cardless.


Class 8 Veteran Dog (1)

1st Parrs’ Pruso Blue My Cover

Alone but a very worth win, he looked and went well.


Class 9 Special Veteran Dog (3)

1st Parrs’ Tikkaruger Apples and Pears

2nd Hamlins’ Heathermark Calibre at Nuash

3rd Stedmans’ Indijazz Grand Designer Sh CM

Three lovely old dogs all showing their heads off.


Class 10 Field Trial Dog (1)

1st Dymonds’ INT SH CH/NL CH/LUX CH/BEL SH CH/DT CH VDH/BENELUX CH Friarsbelle Marsh Mellow

Stood alone.


Class 11 Good Citizen Dog Scheme (4)

1st Whitings’ Ranger Two Rodale JW ShCM

This one fought hard for Res CC. he is strong without being course. Lovely head, great coat, good bone and went very well.

2nd Hamlins’ The Bisto Kid at Nuash

Good body shape, went well.

3rd McPhersons’ Whistlecraft Gandalf

Res Woolleys’ Fayemm Get Ready for Dunsa


Class 12 Minor Puppy Bitch (10, 1 A)

1st Haynes’ Graygees Skyhawk

Very promising baby, nicely balanced and went very well for such a youngster.

2nd Izards’ Yockletts Cordiale

Another one with all the potential of making it. A little larger than 1st at the moment.

3rd Williams’ Winterwell Cut Above at Bodlon

Res Mervyns’ Tomanipoint Annie’s Mazurka

VHC Cooke & Barkers’ Radstorm Legal Eagle


A trio of promising babies. One or two looked really good standing but when it came to moving they were a little overawed by the occasion.


Class 13 Puppy Bitch (12, 1 A)

1st Squires’ Taftazini Honour Wynna BPB, RBPIS

Litter sister to Best puppy. Same remarks apply. I’m sure they will change places many times.

2nd Sielskis’ Orchidstar For Yur Eyes Only

3rd Gatliffes’ Allezweck Evita

Res Teeces’ Fleetapple Florin

VHC Izards’ Yockletts Cordiale


Class 14 Junior Bitch 13, 2 A)

1st Knowles & Glens’ Wilholme Agnes Brown at Bessalone

Quality bitch, lovely shape and make. Good head and coat. Best mover in the class.

2nd Rumneys’ Kacela Sweet Ayana

Her name says she’s sweet and she is. She should have a good future in front of her. Again good make and shape and went well.

3rd Stammers’ Deena Ballettanzer at Lochpointer

Res Pearsons’ Ladyhawke Dizzy Miss Lizzy

VHC Rutherfords’ Cushatlaw Charisma of Dappledele

Class 15 Yearling Bitch (8)

1st Hustlers’ Aytee Katerina

I liked this one a lot. Good front, body and rear end. Coat 1st class, moved well, good size.

2nd Jackmans’ Katelands Cosmic Affair Via Navigareamor

A bigger bitch than 1st with a super coat and went well.

3rd Tierneys’ Ceilloch Crimson

Res Heaths’ Winterwell Miss Marple at Pinseeker

VHC Stammers’ Deena Ballettanzer at Lochpointer


Class 16 Post Graduate Bitch (8, 1 A)

1st Pitman & Heydts’ Pitwit Festive Time at Westard

Won this class easily, a lovely balanced bitch.

2nd Joys’ Pitwit The Best Surprise at Mannlicher

Litter sisters! Good proportions. Moved ok.

3rd Edwards’ Kacela Sweet Imani in Jadenco

Res Milligans’ Isara Kurzhaar All Spice

VHC Edwards’ Gemma’s Holiday Island


Class 17 Limit Bitch (11)

Three very nice bitches, little to separate them.

1st Ellis’ Soellis Fannie Annie JW

I would like a little more of her all round. Sometimes she is stretched out too much which spoils her outline. But she went well enough to win a very good class.

2nd Pudneys’ Pitwit Winter Glow JW

Nice balanced head, dark eye, good body shape just needs to mature.

3rd  Sielskis’ Orchidstar Xtra O’live JW

A bitch that’s always in the cards. She’s very promising, liked her a lot.

Res Rose & Gaffneys’ Kavacanne Vixen JW

VHC Locketts’ Fayemm Remember Me


Class 18 Open Bitch (11, 3 A)

A tremendous class full of top quality bitches, a lot had to go cardless unfortunately.

1st Mervyns’ IR SH CH/LUX CH Tomanipoint Schumacher CW17, CJW15 JUN CH BCC, RBIS, BOS

Good size without coarseness, lovely head, soft eye, strong body and rear end, moved well. Pulled out all the stops to take CC and RBIS  She looked a picture standing.

2nd Harris’ SH CH Barleyarch Playtime (AI) RBCC

What a lovely girl she is, out of the top drawer. Have always liked her. She has now matured beautifully. Excellent  harsh coat , moved a dream. She’s perhaps a little longer in the loin than 1st but that’s not a bad thing in a bitch. She’s lovely.

3rd Coxs’ Cushatlaw Irresistable JW ShCM

Never seen this bitch looking better, she was in excellent condition.

Three lovely bitches.

Res Trows’ CH Winterwell Inca Trail JW

VHC Walkers & Dawsons’ SH CH Jolicoem Lalique


Class 19 Veteran Bitch  (4, 1 a)

1st Pudneys’ Stairfoot Skye BV

Still a youngster at 7 years. Very good coat, went well.

2nd Pitmans’ Dyson’s Delight Via Pitwit

Coming up to 10, still looking really good.

3rd Reinhard & Whites’ Redic Ivory


Class 20 Special Veteran (5, 1 A)

1st Pitmans’ Pitwit Playing Games JW

11 years, loved the head on this old girl, she’s still in really good condition.

2nd Rumneys’ SH CH Keigame Sweet Melody

11 years old

3rd Whitehouses’ Kazanpaul Crème Brulee AWG

11 years old

These three could really teach the the youngsters how to move.

Res Joys’ Mannlicher Early Bird


Class 21 Field Trial Bitch (4, 1 A)

1st Izards’ Goosepoint Chincapin JW BFT

A coat to die for and super movement.

2nd Pitmans’ Pitwit Playing Games JW

3rd Fields’ Deepthatch Pocana


Class 22 Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (3, 1 A)

1st Whitehouse’ Kazanpaul Crème De La Crème

2nd Schonevilles’ Balvenie Midnight Rambler ShCM


Both good bitches, second a little longer than first.

I understand that some exhibitors from up north got caught up in snow and couldn’t make it. I hope you all got home safely.

Thank you

Val Rusk




The David Layton Memorial Awards


Judge – Mrs Velda Prior

Thank for a lovely big entry of super quality dogs which I enjoyed judging very much.

Class A:  Special Award Junior, 18 (2)
1st Mrs. G. Drew, Archerpoint I Want It All.  What a fine well balanced 14mth old dog that filled my eye with correct topline, lovely reach of neck into well laid shoulders, plenty of bone, excellent harsh coat, super feet, masculine head and dark eye, moved with drive. Surely one for top honours in the future.  Best Overall Special Stakes Winner

2nd Miss S. R. Teece, Fleetapple Florin.

A lovely 9mth puppy bitch with good coat, lovely dark eye in a pleasing feminine head, topline and tail set correct, good tight feet, moved well.

3rd Mrs. E. Hinchcliffe, Goosepoint Gloster Grebe (AI) JW

Res:  Mrs. T. & Mrs. D. Bellinger and Felstead, Cushatlaw Chaos at Woodhawk

VHC: Ms E.C. Wright, Goosepoint Spitfire Over Steelrigg


Class B:  Special Award Open, 15 (4)

1st Ms. L. & Misses C & E. Walker & Dawson, Sh Ch Jolicoem Lalique.

Beautiful bitch of correct size and overall balance, she has a super head with a lovely dark eye, correct topline with plenty of bone, tight feet , good bend of stifle, owns the ring on the move.  Pushed hard for best overall stakes just a little unsettled in challenge.

2nd Mr. S. & Mrs. G. Drew, Sh Ch Cushatlaw Illustrious.

Another lovely bitch with a very feminine head, excellent length of neck set on to well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and bend of stifle, moved well.

3rd Mrs. P. Cox, Cushatlaw Irresistable JW ShCM

Res: S. & R. Pitman and Heydt, Pitwit Festive Time at Westward

VHC: Mrs. L. Thomas, Brainscroft Saffron.


Class C:  Special Award Working, 9 (1)

1st Mrs. Hustler, Aytee Katerina.  Elegant bitch with good reach of neck, lovely dark eye, correct topline and tail set, tight feet, good depth of chest, moved well.

2nd Mrs. L.S. Trow, Ch Winterwell Inca Trail.  Lovely short coupled bitch of correct size, plenty of bone, tight feet, pleasing head, excellent harsh coat.  Moved well.

3rd Mr. L. C. & Miss S. M. Cooke & Hammond, Seasham Super Trouper

Res: Mr. G. & Mrs. G. Brown, Ch Barleyarch Tigernut at Graygees

VHC: Miss S. Pitman, Pitwit Playing Games JW