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First I would like to thank the GSPA for inviting me to judge this show and all the exhibitors for the excellent entry.

I really enjoyed my day going over some lovely GSPs and thought the atmosphere excellent and my decisions to be received in a sporting manner.

Although I thought my dog and bitch line ups to be full of quality and the type that I am looking for, there are a few aspects of the breed that concern me.

I found quite a variety of heads and I urge breeders to consider this with future litters.  There were some with short muzzles and others with over-long narrow muzzles.  The GSP was “designed” to use its nose when hunting and therefore requires good wide nostrils and muzzle to match.

Movement was very mixed, with some “flapping” their front feet, while others had very stilted rear movement.  The breed standard calls for a smooth, lithe gait, effortlessly covering plenty of ground with the hind legs giving forceful propulsion.

Having said this, there were some classes that were full of quality and I was spoilt for choice.  The strength in all the puppy classes was most gratifying and bodes well for the future.


Minor Puppy Dog: (5 entries, 0 absent)

Nice class!

1st   Hinchliffe’s Gloster Grebe – Just 6 months old, but what a little cracker!  Superb construction with a good head and neck flowing into good shoulders and a lovely topline.  Good straight front and beautifully angulated rear.

Being so young, he was a little unsettled on the move, but once he settled down he demonstrated good reach and drive. (Best Puppy Dog)


2nd   Howe’s Puddledub Pretender from Gitsaro – Another very promising baby, slightly shorter cast than the winner, but again good balance and moved out true fore and aft once settled.

3rd    Cooper’s Gameglow Top Gun


Puppy Dog: (7,1)

1st   Hinchliffe’s Gloster Grebe

2nd   Coghlan’s Soellis Smug Doug – It will be interesting to see how this boy develops.  He has a lot going for him, but lacked the overall balance of the winner today.  He has a good head and neck with a straight front and a good coat.

3rd    Staley’s Jomeel Midnight Rambler



Junior Dog: (4,1)

1st  Thurm’s Bryburn Bacchus – Very well proportioned dog, with a good head and pleasing expression.  A good set of shoulders and straight front with gently sloping pasterns.  A good topline with correct tailset.

2nd  Watling’s Drysika Dasher – Longer cast than the winner with a good coat, but not the same overall balance.

3rd   Woolley’s Fayemm Get Ready for Dunsa


Yearling Dog (4,0)

1st    Jackman’s Navigareamor Hardtoport – Well up to size, but well constructed.  Straight fore and aft with good shoulders and bend of stifle.  Well defined head with a pleasing expression and a good coat.  Moved well.

2nd   Hopkin’s Seasham Don’t Stop Me Now – Slightly smaller and shorter coupled than the winner, but a lot to like.  A good coat and topline with good angulation and a good head.

3rd    Delaney’s Redmires Ticket to the Stars JW


Postgraduate Dog (3,0)

1st    Milligan’s Redmires Storm the Stars at Chevinlade – Not the biggest of dogs, but well put together, showing good balance.  A good topline, which was evident in good movement, correct shoulders and rear angulation.

2nd     Harper’s Tywivale Top Drawer – Upstanding black and white dog which shows some promise, not the movement of the winner.  Not handled to his potential.

3rd      Roger’s Disglairhill Red Kite


Limit Dog (12,0)

A very nice class!

1st      Wilkinson’s Zarozinia Beinn An Oir ShCM  Lovely solid liver dog with a good head and neck leading into good shoulders and smooth toplineStraight front with gently sloping pasterns and correct rear angulation with strong hocks completing the picture.  Moved out well demonstrating drive.  Was delighted to award him the RCC.

2nd     Staley’s Keigame Chilli Bean at Jomeel – Another lovely boy, slightly shorter coupled but a real picture with a good front and rear angulation.  Nice head and neck assembly.  It was a close run decision between these two dogs and I was splitting hairs.

3rd     Roden’s Keigame Nasrullah






Open Dog (12,3)

Another cracking class, with the first 5 capable of changing places on another day.

1st      Brown & Burns’ Sh Ch Magregor Three’s a Crowd at Pothouse JW ShCM – This l/w dog was really on good form today.  He impressed me on my first inspection and did not disappoint.  He had beautiful balance with a good head and expression.  His head carriage and arrogance demanded “look at me” with his good shoulders, straight front and good rear angulation.  His movement was effortless and I was delighted to award him the DCC.

2nd      Flaherty & Reddyhough’s Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Weiser JW ShCM – A flashy l/w dog I have admired in the past and he has matured nicely.  A worthy champion.  He has good shoulders, rear angulation and held his topline on the move.  Preferred the movement and the panache of the winner today.

3rd      Cooke & Hammond’s Seasham Jumpin’ Jack Flash


Veteran Dog (3,0)

1st      Smillie-Gray’s Sh Ch Oakberrow Wotzinaname ShCM –  8½ years old l/w chap.  Moved out really well demonstrating plenty of drive.  Good shoulders and well bent stifles.

2nd     Read’s Wilholme Edwardian Dream – Just slightly younger, but a well built solid liver boy with good balance.  Preferred movement of the winner today.

3rd      Potter’s Ivoravon Storm ina T’Cup


Special Veteran Dog (4,2)

These dogs showed the youngsters how to move!

1st      Carling, Whiting & Bates’  Sh Ch Valache Brooklyn Dodger ShCM – A flashy l/w boy who is now over 10 years old, but still moves out true with plenty of drive.  Good shape with a good coat and nice front.

2nd      Parrs Tikkaruger Apple and Pears –Over 11 years old, but full of life and moving out quite beautifully.  Again well constructed, he pushed the winner hard.


Field Trial Dog (1,0)

1st       Dymond’s Int SH Ch/Nl/Lux/Bel ShCh Friarsbelle Marshmellow – L/W dog with good angulation and shoulders.  Moved out with drive.


Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (3,1)

1st           Staley’s Keigame Chilli Bean at Jomeel

2nd          Rusk’s Marran’s Spring Mist over Booton – Flashy l/w dog with good overall shape, lacked the movement of the winner.


Minor Puppy Bitch (5,0)

1st       Hustler’s Aytee Katerina – Lovely 8 months old l/w puppy with a good coat and correct tailset.  Straight fore and aft, she moved out well.

2nd      Robson & Allerton’s Sigourney Safara –  7 month old l/w baby, slightly larger and longer cast than the winner. Good shoulders, good movement.

3rd       Marsh’s Kentixen Make a Memory for Kilnrae


Puppy Bitch (10,1)

1st        Ellis’ Soellis Fannie Annie – 10 months old l/w.  I couldn’t take my eyes off this little cracker.  A lovely puppy in good condition, so beautifully balanced.  Her good head and neck just flowed into a lovely topline.  Straight front and rear, she moved out really well with good drive.  I was delighted to award her the RBCC and Best Puppy in Show.

2nd     Malin’s Keigame Murphlette at Benrae – 10 months old l/w. Another delicious puppy who was slightly larger and heavier than the winner.  Well balanced with good construction.  She missed out to the winner on movement, but this may settle as she matures.

3rd     Heath’s Winterwell Miss Marple at Pinseeker


Junior Bitch (10,2)

1st      Rose & Gaffney’s Kavacanne Vixen – A very nice l/w bitch with good head, shoulders and rear angulation.  A nice straight front and good coat.  She moved out well.

2nd    Pudney’s Pitwit Winter Glow – Another lovely bitch with the same attributes as the winner, but lost out on movement today.

3rd     Beverley’s Bryburn Artemis of Vinita


Yearing Bitch (5,2)

1st     Beverley’s Bryburn Artemis of Vinita – Very nice bitch of correct size with a nice head, good balance, excellent shoulders and good topline.

2nd      Milligan’s Isara Kurzhaar All Spice – l/w, slightly finer than winner with a good head, nice shape and good coat.

3rd      Stopforth’s Smilek Running Up Snowden


Postgraduate Bitch (7,2)

1st       Haran & Waddell’s Magregor Shneeball – A well proportioned l/w bitch with a good head and neck, good front and excellent rear angulation.  Very good topline that was held on the move.

2nd      Hopkin’s Seasham Dancing Queen – Slightly shorter than the winner, but well proportioned.  Has a good coat, good front and rear angulation.  She moved out well.

3rd       Sielski’s Orchidstar Xtra O’live JW

Limit Bitch (6,2)c

1st     Peebles’ Keigame Hopscotch – Another well constructed bitch from a kennel I have long admired. S/L with well laid shoulders, a good straight front and well angulated rear.  She moved out well and with drive.

2nd   Hinchliffe’s Goosepoint Eiderdown – A slightly larger bitch with a good head and coat.  I preferred the overall balance of the winner today.

3rd   Schoneville’s Balvenie Bella JW


Open Bitch (10,1)

A lovely class!

1st    Drew’s Sh Ch Cushatlaw Illustrious JW – Absolutely lovely l/w bitch shown in good condition (was amazed to be told later she’d had a litter 11 weeks ago).  She was everything I was looking for.  Lovely balance and a good coat.  Nice feminine head and expression with good shoulders and nice, straight front.  She had a good topline leading down to a well set on tail, with good rear angulation.  She moved effortlessly around the ring with plenty of drive.  Fully deserved the Bitch CC and Best in Show.

2nd   Thurm’s Sh Ch Valger Odette – Another lovely l/w well balanced bitch with a lot to admire.  Good shoulders and well angulated rear. Straight in front with a good tailset and coat.  Just not moving so well as the winner today.

3rd   Tierney’s Sh Ch Keigame Hustle JW ShCM


Veteran Bitch (4,0)

1st   Hopkin’s Seasham Dressed for Success – 7 year old l/w girl in lovely condition with great balance.  Moved out well, showing good drive both fore and aft.  Fully deserved to be awarded Best Veteran in Show.

2nd   Peebles’ Keigame Leading Lady JW ShCM – Now 9 years old, another old favourite of mine.  She is still a nicely constructed bitch shown in good condition.

3rd    Trow’s Keigame Bossanova around Winterwell


Special Veteran Bitch (3,1)

1st     Whitehouse’s Kazanpaul Crème Brulee AWG – 10½ years old l/w bitch.  Short coupled with a good coat, neck and front.  She moved out well, belying her years.

2nd     Brown & Burn’s Pothouse Miss Lavender – Almost 12 years old, but still moving and looking well.  Preferred overall balance of winner today.







Field Trial Bitch (5,0)

A class filled with quality bitches

1st       Elrington’s Barleyarch Beetle at Tequesta JW – This bitch moved like a dream and really pushed hard in the challenge.  She has a nice head with a good straight front, gently sloping pasterns and good shoulder placement.  Correct bend of stifle and upright hocks completed the picture.  Delighted to award her Best Field Trial in Show.

2nd    Izard’s Goosepoint Chincapin JW – Another well constructed bitch, shown in lovely, hard condition.  Again, good front and rear angulation.  She had an excellent coat.  Moved well, but preferred more precise movement of winner.

3rd         Nixon’s Quintana Hollie Berry


Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (3,0)

1st         Beverley’s Bryburn Artemis of Vinita

2nd       Whitehouse’s Kazanpaul Crème de la Crème – l/w bitch who is well balanced in profile with good shoulders and good rear angulation.

3rd         Coe & Pitman’s Int Sh Ch/Lux/Nl/Dt/Ch Pitwit Leona





Judge:  Bill Ashcroft