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GSPA Champshow 

The David Layton Memorial Special Awards Classes 17/04/2017

Firstly, I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge these classes. They made me feel very welcome and it was an honour. Even with absentees I had 33 dogs to go over in 3 classes. Some dogs went unplaced which were good specimens of the breed. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for entering and showing good sport on my decisions. It was a special day for me and the atmosphere added to that!

Junior 18 Entries 3 Abs

This was a class topped with quality and unfortunately a few baby puppies that lost out on maturity to the junior dogs. Placings could easily swap in the future.

1st Fayemm Remember Me. Lovely 13-month-old bitch oozing quality. Standing she creates a picture of substance yet femininity. Her head is in my eyes is what I was looking for. Lovely eye shape yet to fully darken. Creating a soft biddable expression. She has a beautiful arch to her neck which leads into clean well laid shoulders. She stands on good feet with the correct substance for a lady. She has a crisp harsh jacket. I would like maybe a little less angulation behind but my only criticism of her. She moved soundly coming and going and showed excellent reach and drive in profile.

2nd Bryburn Bachuss This 13-month male I have admired from ringside on a few occasions and he doesn’t disappoint on inspection. He has excellent breed type and looks a picture stood. Nothing is over done on this lad but I did prefer the head and front of one.   He shows an arch to his neck and well up for bone and stands on good feet. Short backed with an excellent harsh coat. Perfect angulation behind and when this boy moves it all comes together for one so young. He was one of best in profile.

Open 21 Entries 7 Abs

What a smashing class to have. Packed full of quality.

1st Sh Ch Heathermark Irish at Benrae Sh Cm. My recording says wow and he wowed me today. He has a head to die for in my opinion, shows that lovely roman nose. With the darkest of eye and the softest expression. He reminds me of a dog close to my heart. He has well laid shoulders and perfect balance and substance. Short backed and stands over plenty of ground. The picture really begins when this dog sails round the ring, his movement is effortless and ground covering. He was on his game today and couldn’t be denied. Best overall!

2nd Sh Ch Keigame Hustle. Another dog in fine fettle today. A Bitch of fine qualities that isn’t a surprise from this kennel. She is of the lower end of the standard but I find her to be balanced and shows excellent breed type. Her head again is just divine with a soft dark eye and also has that roman bump. Good reach of neck into clean well laid shoulders. Short in back with the best of coats. She has excellent muscle tone and stands on the neatest of feet. Coming and going she has perfect footfall but didn’t have the reach and drive of one.  she is oh so sound.

Special Working Class 7 entries 3 absent. 

This also was a strongly contested class and all of the 4 dogs had excellent qualities.

1st Ch Barleyarch Tigernut at Graygees. Every bit a champion this bitch is. Couldn’t be denied this class on her qualities and breed type. Standing she is a picture and a combination of the kennels I have admiration for. She has the sweetest feminine head with perfect eye colour and shape. She has a well arched strong neck leading into clean shoulders. She is well angulated fore and after, has balance in substance and stands on the tightest of feet. Short backed with the best jacket of the day. On the move, she is a joy to watch in side profile. She pushed the Open winner for top spot and it was a close call. Was a pleasure to judge a dog of this quality.

2nd Pruso Blue My Cover. This boy is a classical Gsp in type and style. A dog I feel should have done more as he possesses so many qualities. He is in great shape and has excellent muscle tone. Beautiful classic head with a slight roman bump. Nice eye dark and well-shaped creating a soft biddable expression.  He has a strong slightly arched neck and is short backed with a crisp coat. Shows balance in substance and has excellent hind angulation. This is clearly a good working dog as he is in fine fettle for his years. Was a little excitable on the move today but I was pleased to see him enjoying the show ring.